Arriving in Amsterdam just in time for the Queen's Day open-air celebrations, Big D mixes and mingles with the millions of visitors who come from around the world to take part in the Netherlands' famous "freemarket." In this spicy travelogue, you'll also visit the erotic clubs of the Czech Republic, Germany's sauna clubs, and other attractions in Europe's red light districts.

Adventure through the streets of Europe with Adventure Traveler-Big D! From the marijuana-friendly Coffeeshops of Amsterdam to the Beer drinking of The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, Big D travels throughout Europe as he discovers all the excitement of "The Old World"


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Explore the marijuana-friendly land of Amsterdam with this entertaining travelogue hosted by Big D, as the adventure traveler journeys to the Netherlands' capital to take a look at the city's thriving cannabis culture. After visiting the area's popular hash bars and cannabis coffee shops, Big D makes a stop at the Hash, Hemp and Marijuana Museum and then receives an exclusive tour of Amsterdam's Cannabis College.

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It's another Ganja Tour, as Big D explores Amsterdam's marijuana-friendly CoffeeShops. From the "pot-shops" of the 70's, to the modern shops of today, the self problaimed "king of Fun" tours through some of the Dutch capitals most unique cannabis selling establishments. It's a Queen's Day adventure as Big D arrives just in time for the biggest street party in the world.

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The Dutch Coffeeshop Culture is under threat with the introduction of the "Wietpas", a proposed law that would ban foreigners from cannabis selling cafe's throughout the Netherlands.

The Adventures In Europe team interviewed many of the coffeeshop owners throughout Holland last month (March 2012)to see what is really taking place. (See Video)

Amsterdam is threatened by the Wietpas beginning January 2013, however there are various court cases happening in order to fight this proposed tourist ban.

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Update: April 14, 2012
Video Report by Dismas Barbito

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